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Stop by between 2pm and 6pm every Saturday and try a sampling of our wine and beer of the month and a selection
 of whites, reds, dessert wine and liqueurs.

Saturday July 19th

Aspro White 2012

Aenos, Greece
Mercouri Estate
Lampadias Rose 2013
Iiia, Greece

Dom Porto Carras
Limnio Red 2011

Halkidiki, Greece

Lager Beer

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Natural Wine Week in Denver

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damn right kids.
time to be excited.
time to drink from all of those red grapes you love;
Cabernet, Syrah, Grenache, Malbec and more
but lighten it up some for coming of Summer.
It is our Mission here at Divino to Pink it up every spring.....
  • To offer pink abundance to the Rosť lover
  • To initiate the unacquainted into the cool, crisp world of Pink
  • To win over  the curious and hesitant
  • To educate the scornful and presumptions
Operation Pink has been officially launched.
So come check out our Nuclear 10 under $10 Rosť rack
and our "MORE PINK" shelf at the front of the store.
Ask us questions, give us input.
Each Saturday we will include 1 old world and 1 new world rose in our Instore Tasting line up.

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