Veneto, Italy

Veneto, I mean Verona, I mean Valpolicella…

As we all know, Italian wines, and therefore their grapes, can be a lifelong study of viticulture in and of itself. The regions, the sub-regions, the districts and villages can be overwhelming, so we are going to try to make this as interesting and simple as possible for you.  

Scaia is adorning our WineOfTheMonth shelf again (ahh yeah) with its beautiful, light blush pink
rosato of 100% Rondinella.  

But, let’s back up a bit.  

Scaia, one of Tenuta Sant’Antonio’s Wine labels, produced by the four Castagnedi brothers, is their modern interpretation of wine using the local traditional grapes found in the Valpolicella district. The Valpolicella district is located in the heart of Verona surrounding the Alto Adige River, within Veneto, in Northeastern Italy. The red wine scene in the Veneto, much like the white, is rooted in Verona. It should be noted that there are a plethora of Roman ruins in Verona, and no one thinks twice about accompanying their red wine with a bit of horse meat; yes I said horse meat. Horse fare has graced the tables since the Roman Empire and is most readily associated with the region. Ok, now back to the district…Valpolicella, known as valley of many cellars, is home to some very special red grapes. Rondinella and Corvina (their origins unclear) are two of these gems, and are also the two prized grapes blended together to produce the velvety and ever alluring Amarone. Rondinella is deeply colored and more aromatic than Corvina. These red varietals, rarely found elsewhere in Italy, grow primarily in calcareous soil on the hills between the Illasi and Mezzane valleys, and benefit from the microclimate associated with Lake Gorda. As mentioned, Scaia is highlighting the robust and sumptuous Rondinella (as they did with Corvina back in the fall) for their 2013 rosť, and we think they are all the better for it. This WOTM rosť is luscious and balanced and mouthwatering and crisp and perfectly appropriate for daily consumption. If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly encourage you to do so, and if you have well then you know the truth that we speak of and you should come get some more.






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